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Why choose Ms Laura Crawley for your surgery?

Ms Crawley is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon with an NHS contract at the prestigious Imperial college Healthcare NHS trust, working at their dedicated eye hospital, The Western Eye Hospital in London. She consults and operates privately at Clinica London, 140 Harley Street and at The Eye Centre at The London Clinic, 119 Harley Street.

Ms Crawley is passionate about high-quality patient care in a way that empowers patients to make decisions about eye treatments that are right for them. She offers personalised treatment plans where a doctor-patient partnership gives the best results.

Her consulting rooms have state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. She has a highly skilled team of nurses, technicians and a clinic manager working with her to ensure that you feel cared for, supported, confident and well informed about your eyes and treatment plans.


What Patients Say About Laura Crawley

I had the best experience working with Dr Crawley. I felt looked after and she took the time to get to know me. I would highly recommend her.

Sven K. | Brighton

From the moment I met her to the moment I left, I was treated with great courtesy and kindness, and everything was explained to me in layman’s terms so I could fully understand my condition. I was immensely impressed.

Paul | London

“Thank you very much for seeing me yesterday, you were marvellous and a pride to the NHS”

Mariah P. | London

Dear Laura,
Just a quick note to say thanks for looking after my mum Mrs M. so wonderfully. It was so good of you to take so much time and care as she was very worried about my appointment and you really made such a difference to my experience. Thank you.

Ruth S. | Oxford

Dear Angela and Laura,
Thank you very much for seeing me yesterday. You were both marvellous and a pride to the NHS. You could, if you two wish, send this to your line manager. Thank you again!

Rebecca K. | Brighton

Dear Laura,
Enjoy your holiday and thanks for everything so far.
Best Wishes

Janet A. | London

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