If you’re over 60 you can’t afford to wait another year for your next eye exam

We have all had experience of receiving reminders in the post or by email… your car insurance will automatically renew in the next 30 days, your car breakdown cover is due for renewal, and the cost is £x, your annual eye test is overdue, please make an appointment…

Don’t put off your eye examination for another year. It will be 30 minutes of your time well spent.

Modern living means we have every intention of searching the internet for the best car/home insurance deal but often don’t get round to it. It’s the same with our annual eye checks, we have every intention of making the appointment but more pressing day to day matters get in the way and somehow months go by, and we still haven’t made that call. The difference between our annual eye tests and renewal of home or car insurance is that the car insurance will renew automatically if they have our card details. Even if it wasn’t the best value deal, we are still covered if we have an accident the following week, but the same is not true for our eyes.

Glaucoma is known as the “silent thief of vision” for good reason

You will not notice your loss of vision until its too late to do anything about it. This is entirely different to cataract, where you will notice how your vision isn’t so good when driving at night or that the winter sunshine gives you terrible glare. But all of this is reversible when cataracts are the cause!

Glaucoma, like diabetic retinopathy, has no symptoms in the early stages. The early stages are the golden opportunity to diagnose and treat the condition so that you never lose significant vision in your lifetime. Having a routine eye examination doesn’t hurt, is easy and doesn’t involve long waits for test results.

I check the health of your whole eye – from front to back. Whilst the best end to a consultation is “Your eyes are fine”, In many ways, “You have early glaucoma but we have picked it up before there is significant damage” is a better outcome than hearing – “unfortunately the glaucoma is quite advanced and although we will do everything possible to save the remaining vision you have….”

Don’t put off your eye examination for another year. It will be 30 minutes of your time well spent.