Natural remedies for cataracts

Are there natural remedies for cataracts? This question pops up in the newspapers from time to time but unfortunately, there is usually no scientific evidence to back up the stories, and so at present, there are no proven natural remedies.

Cataracts are caused by natural discoloration and growth of the human lens and affect all of us as we get older. The lens changes at different rates just as grey hairs appearing or skin wrinkling affects different people at different times of their life. Most people over the age of 30 will have some minor discoloration or clouding in their human lens. We do know that bright sunlight accelerates cataract formation so you should protect your eyes with high-quality sunglasses that are CE marked just as you would do with your skin and remember it doesn’t have to be hot for there to be high levels of UV light.

Stop Smoking

Smoking also accelerates cataract development. It is widely known and proven that minimising or cutting out smoking altogether has a huge range of health benefits, even in your eyes.

Removing Cataracts

Remember that just because you have ‘cataracts’ doesn’t mean they need to be removed. Surgery is advisable only when a person has symptoms that interfere with their activities of daily living. For example, surgery would be suitable for someone who drives a lorry or is a professional or hobbyist pilot. The visual requirements are different depending on what activity you are doing. Small amounts of cataract isn’t an obstacle for daily tasks such as shopping and cooking, but better quality vision can help with many things in day to day life. Your eyesight affects independence, enjoying hobbies, reading, and quality time with friends and family. If you are worried about cataract formation and would like some personalised advice, book a consultation and remember your sunglasses!