The article above is about chalazion surgery and get rid of it definitely.

Chalazion and surgery: Do I need to have surgery for my chalazion?

When you have had that annoying eyelid cyst for some time surgery is usually the definitive treatment to get rid of it. If you managed to treat your chalazion early with heat and massage, then most will disappear.

For those that are persistent then a procedure known as incision and curettage is the treatment of choice. This is a straight forward operation usually carried out under local anaesthetic. If you have ever had dental treatment with gum injections, then you know that local anaesthetic stings but then the area feels completely numb.

Chalazion procedure

We inject anaesthetic around the cyst to make the whole area numb. It is good to operate on the cyst from the underside of the lid as this avoids disturbing the thin delicate skin of the eyelid. In some cases, the cyst may have burst through the skin already. A clamp is applied to isolate the cyst and the eyelid is flipped over to allow the operation to be done from the underside. Because the cyst is made up of material trapped within the oil gland duct a cut is made along the duct to release the build up of trapped material and a surgical spoon or curette helps us to clean it out thoroughly. NO stitches are required.

The eyelid heals beautifully and quickly as it has an excellent blood supply. A pad is applied to compress the area to minimise any bruising and an antibiotic cream or drop is prescribed for 5-7 days. You can usually return to work and normal activities after 24 hours. It is very straight forward and although you may be nervous about having minor surgery on your eyelid most people are surprised by how easy chalazion surgery is.

If your cyst has been there for months, then you may want to think about an incision and curettage. Call my team today, and we can tell you if it’s a suitable procedure for you.