Why should I choose you as a Glaucoma Specialist?

I work at Clinica London seeing private patients here and we have fantastic instruments and technology here that really does provide high-quality assessment for the glaucoma patients. I’m also very lucky that my NHS practice is at Imperial College in London which is a very well respected unit and we see glaucoma from all over the country. And that includes very very straightforward glaucoma which I hope that most my patients have. But for those people who have a very complex disease and are running out of options, then I have those expertise to bring to your breadth of experience to discuss the best option for you as an individual.

At Clinica we can offer very flexible appointments and we will make sure that you get all your investigations and tests in timely fashion. The technicians here are excellent and I have a lot of experience in reading the tests because not only do we want to look after the patients who have glaucoma, but we also want to make sure for you that if your pressure reading is a little about normal but you have no damage we don’t want you to start treatment for a condition that you really don’t need treatment for.

And you need good experience, which I can bring, to say you don’t need treatment and I’m not worried about you, which is very reassuring for patients rather than committing you to multiple appointments where actually you’re just doing the test and really we could have said a while ago you don’t need them anymore. So I’m very proactive about saying I need to worry about you but I don’t need to worry about you.

I really find with patient these days that I’d really like to involve you in the decision-making.
So I don’t feel it’s appropriate anymore to say this is what I think you need and you will have it done. So I would always discuss the various options that are available to make sure that the glaucoma treatment for you fits in well with your lifestyle. So for some people using drops every day, even if it’s only once a day, doesn’t always suit them.

Or the drops make their eyes painful or they can’t wear their contact lenses. So we can offer a solution that fit most people, to make sure that the treatment is easy for you to take. Because glaucoma is completely asymptomatic and sometimes the treatment can make you feel worse than the disease itself does.

I am very flexible and I’m happy to see you and spend as long as you need in choosing the right option for your treatment.

More about Laura Crawley

Ms Laura Crawley is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Clinica London, Imperial College Western Eye Hospital, and The London Clinic. Her special expertise is in treating glaucoma patients as well as patients with glaucoma and cataracts. She has a lot of experience in treating glaucoma, and has published extensively in scientific journals and on medical education. She still does a lot of emergency operations at the emergency department at the Charing Cross and Western Eye Hospitals for the NHS. At Clinica London she is responsible for glaucoma patients and glaucoma patients with cataracts. She also sees patients with general eye problems.