Humphrey visual field test

Humphrey visual field testing is a critical test for diagnosing and managing glaucoma or other causes of damage to the optic nerve. I don’t know of any patient who looks forward to their visual field test as it can be a frustrating to do. But rest assured, an accurate analysis is very helpful when we are advising you on your eye conditions, so it is definitely worth persevering with the test.

Glaucoma causes specific changes in the visual field, and not all field defects are due to glaucoma. Interpreting the results is a special skill, therefore it is helpful to see someone who has a wealth of experience doing this. Other conditions such as stroke or optic neuritis show up on field tests.  Droopy eyelids can get in the way and produce a field ‘defect’ on the print out that isn’t present if the eyelid is taped up when doing the test.

It’s very helpful to have a few practice attempts and to have an experienced technician consult with you and interpret them. Take your time and relax when you do your next Humphrey visual field test and remember there are no right and wrong tests.