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I’m a consultant ophthalmic surgeon with specialist interest in glaucoma, cataract surgery and common red eye conditions such as blepharitis and conjunctivitis. My patients are people who want to be highly informed, understand all of their options and work together with me to ensure the best possible eye care outcomes.

The one question every patient should ask about their glaucoma treatment – but doesn’t

Please, ask what your maximum eye pressures are before you start treatment and keep all copies of your medical reports. It makes managing your eye conditions much easier and much safer.

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My most challenging glaucoma case from last year

In this post, I share a story about my most challenging case of 2017. I had a patient who had not seen an optician for 20 years and discovered he had glaucoma. It's a story that exemplifies the importance of having a strong, supportive network to around the patient that can help them make good decisions and help them cope with the initial adjustments after the operation.

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The 5 essential qualities of a top London cataract surgeon

Choosing a private cataract surgeon isn't easy. In this post, Ms Laura Crawley lists the most important qualities you should seek in a top London cataract surgeon, including their relationship with the NHS, how they represent themselves online, where they operate, the volume and quality of their work, and first impressions.

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